Our Method

Discover the 7 points that explain what we do and why we do it.

Product design and development: we start every project by listening to our clients desires and requirements, understanding the culture of the market and then by investing our energy and ideas into every aspect of the product.

The project phase is undertaken by our design technical staff, utilising 3D software. Each new design is the result of a constant dialogue with our clients and their culture, with the result that each product adapts perfectly to align with each countries market. In this way, we can develop furniture that meets the needs of the client without sacrificing functionality and esthetics for efficient production.
Not only do we select the form and the finish, but every single component which will be incorporated to create the final product (wood, veneers, inlays, glass, fabric, leather, metal, varnish, decorative details). We constantly invest in R & D and are the owners of a few world patents for some decorative veneers.

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Partnerships: For many years we have collaborated with a selection of specialized, skilled and trustworthy artisans operating within our territory.

A piece of furniture is a complex artefact: the variety of forms (curves, blunt corners, post forming, inlays) finishes (opaque, shining, lacquered, open or closed pore) and the variety of differing materials (wood, glass, metal, glues, electronics) require a high level of both technological equipment and manual skills.

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Assembly and quality control.

We co-ordinate, operate, and control even the final phases of the production process which include the assemblage, applying the finishing touches and control the quality of each item utilizing special lighting which highlight any imperfections.
Perfection does not exist, but we do our upmost to achieve the highest quality.

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Packing and shipping.

We ensure that our furniture is transported safely with the maximum protection possible.
Our furniture must travel long distances on large trucks, passing through different countries and climates. It may be shipped across the ocean, on trains through the mountains and pass through many differing temperatures and seasons. Only by taking special care in every aspect of shipping, can we guarantee that the furniture will arrive at its’ destination in the same condition in which it left our factory.

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Stock management and fast delivery.
We are capable of processing and loading orders in much shorter time frames that other manufacturers.

Based on our experience and understanding of the market, we keep in stock, ready for immediate loading, the models which are most in demand for each country and selling season. Our ability to provide rapid delivery is supported by our completely computerized system and graphic 3D software. Our warehouse stocks at any moment approximately 5,000 bedrooms and 3,000 dining rooms. On a weekly basis we load an average of 800m³ of finished product.

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After sale service
Our customer care system has been significantly improved by the implementation of unique identifiers for each product lot.

Has your furniture arrived? Look at the external packing: each piece is identified by a unique number. The QR code identifies the piece that you are checking, whilst the sequence of integers specifies the lot number and the date of production.
In this way, it’s simple to communicate to us exactly which product is being discussed and it can immediately be traced in order to supply spare or replacement pieces.

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From design through to production and packaging, we maintain a special eye on the impact to the environment.

Throughout our entire production chain, attention to the ecology and environment is paramount. We use photovoltaic panels to generate 171 Kilowatt per hour of clean energy when possible. Our packaging is sourced from recycled materials. We almost utilise water paints for our products. We manage and control fine particles in the atmosphere via state of the art aspiration and filtration systems. From the 1st July 2018, we have been using high quality panels satisfying the limits imposed by EPA(Environment Protection Agency) to phormaldheyd emmissions. Panels are therefore CARB Phase 2 and TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Title VI certified. We guarantee the traceability of raw materials coming from FSC certified forests. We possess EAC, GOST (to export in the Euroasiatic countries) and UKCA certification. (UK Conformity Assessed) Our chairs and upholstered furnishings respect the ignition and fire retardant regulations of the UK and California.

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Advantages of our method

What are the advantages of our methods?

  • Better quality work processes and technologically advanced materials which respect the environment
  • Reducing costs whilst increasing the level of quality
  • The ability to produce a wide variety of products for differing aesthetics, functions and economic levels
  • Extremely fast delivery, thanks to our ready-in-stock system and prompt customer service
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